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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Level 1 Sports Located

14449 Yellowhead Trail NW Edmonton, Alberta T5L 3C4

(*To note for new guests, the facility has two addresses – 14445 and 14449 Yellowhead Trail NW and we primarily use 14449 as a main address.)

What are the hours of operations of the facility?

Hours will be subject to change but will be around 7 AM to 11 PM. Please use the contact form for specific requests.

What sports can the facility accommodate? 

Majority of court sports can be played here, and we are willing to explore all opportunities. In the past, we’ve hosted volleyball, handball, pickleball, futsal, and other sports. 

Where can I park when using the facility

Guests may park for free in the parking lot in the front of the facility. Additional free parking to the West of the building. Parking availability may be impacted by events. 

What are the sizes of the courts available to be rented?

The total amount of court space is 54m by 22m. It can be sub-sectioned to each user’s needs. 

The larger court is 40m X 20m (or three sections big enough for three individual volleyball courts). 

What is Level 1’s relationship with ATHF?

ATHF partnered with Level 1 to facilitate access to gym time for handball. We’re excited to partner with them and to see handball grow in Edmonton.

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